30 Ways of Making Money the Old Fashioned Way

People say that English is the universal language, I say it’s the money and regardless of where you live, what you do or what language you speak, everyone needs it and everyone seems to be yearning for more and more. Now many may argue that money is not the universal need and it cannot buy happiness, well I agree, money can certainly not buy happiness but it can definitely buy some stuff that will make you feel happy (no pun intended). no matter how much money you have, you will always be wanting more of it. Most of us often find ourselves lingering on the question – “How can I make more money?”. Today we will be discussing some good old ways of making money, read it if you are also stuck on this question and don’t be shy to try out some of these ways because when you are in need, you are your best bet. So lets get started on our list of 30 different ways of making money the old fashioned way.

30. Waiting at a table

A waiter is a person whose job is to serve customers at their tables in a restaurant. For some of you out there this idea may go against your ego but a lot of youngsters do it to pay their bills. Being a waiter will not make you rich but if you add the pay that restaurant will give you with the tips from customers then it will add up to an amount enough for fulfilling basic needs.

29. Be a Parking Valet

A valet is a person whose job is to park cars of customers, this service is usually provided at hotels and restaurants. In this case too you won’t make too much money but the pay and tips will help you sail through the troubled times.

28. Work at a Car Wash

Finding a job at a car wash is not a hard quest. The job is essentially to wash the cars, some of them pay a fixed amount regardless of how many cars you wash in a day.

27. Drive a Taxi

The basic requirements for becoming a taxi driver are a clean driving history and a driving license. Some countries may require you to obtain a special class of license and some may insist on a criminal back ground check. Anyways if you are good at driving and can drive in adverse traffic conditions then you can give it a try.

26. Deliver Newspapers

If you are fine with waking up early in the morning and taking your bicycle for a hike then it’s a job that will put some cash in your pocket. But this job can also mean braving cold, dark and sometimes adverse weather conditions.

25. Work as a Bartender

Bartenders have to serve alcoholic drinks in a bar, they also keep a check on supplies and inventory. It’s like a summer job, a lot of students do this to save for university fees.

24. Mow a Lawn

This is technically speaking a day job and it’s more like doing a favor rather than earning in return for your services. But it’s good enough if you are looking for a little cash for a party.

23. Offer to watch children or House-sit them

House-sitters and Baby-sitters earn a lot of cash these days, in fact it has now become a proper profession with high earnings. Some companies now offer these services and also their customers to give reviews or ratings, these ratings help other customers in making their decisions about choosing a particular employee for their children.

22. Participate in a Drug Trial

They are also known as clinical trials, their goal is to determine the effects and the side effects of the new drug. These trials are performed on each drug before releasing them in the market for sale. IN some countries participation in clinical trials is voluntary while in other you might get paid. My advice, before participating you should do extensive research.

21. Become a pet trainer

If you have a good repo with animals then you will definitely enjoy this job. These days there is a huge demand of pet trainers especially for dog trainers. If you love animals then it’s worth giving a try.

20. Work at a call center

Call center industry is also referred as BPO industry, it stands for Business purpose outsourcing. You don’t need to specialize in anything to work there, all you need is to have some good communication skills. If you have learned a foreign language then this job can pay higher rewards and perks

19. Become a stunt man

This might sound funny but be careful, doing stunts is not a joke. Stuntmen are usually employed by film makers to do dangerous stunts, in short you replace the actor for that particular scene. If you love thrill then go ahead.

18. Work as a security guard.

Security guards are employed by security agencies to guard commercial establishments. If you are healthy and have a good physique then it won’t be difficult to find a job like this. People who have worked in law enforcement departments or are ex-military have an advantage, because of their experience they get paid more.

17. Work as a Handyman

A handyman is a person who is skilled at repairing maintenance of many house hold items. They also know plumbing and some electric work. Some countries may require you to get registered and insured before you start this job.

16. Start Tutoring

A lot of students struggle with their academics and they are willing to pay someone who can tutor them well for their exams. It’s a nice way to earn money from your academic knowledge.

15. Become a Sperm Donor

It might sound weird at first but if you are a healthy male then it’s an easy option for some fast cash and don’t worry sperm donations are kept anonymous. Consult a doctor for more details.

14. sell your old and used stuff

We all have products and accessories that we no longer use, they take up a lot of space in our closet. Selling them can get you some instant cash when you are in a troubled financial condition.

13. Donate Blood

Donating blood is completely harmless and puts some instant cash in your pocket, You can also be proud of the fact that your donated blood might save some one’s life.

12. Get a room-mate

sharing your living space will save on your rent and will bring down the cost of living but make sure to get a lease agreement drawn out to avoid unwanted situations.

11. Sell your insurance

Yes it is true, you can turn your insurance policy in to real cash and you don’t even need to die for it. Just call your insurance agent for further details.

10. Take a loan

Short term loans can have higher interest rates so take them only if you are completely sure of repaying them within the specified time limit.

9. sell scrap metal to a recycling center

There are recycling centers or salvage yards in almost every city. They willingly buy scrap metal for the purpose of recycling. See if you have some old, not in use metal pipes or news papers or even empty glass bottles and head straight for the recycling center.

8. Rent out your parking spot

Renting out a parking spot can put some easy cash in your pocket. There are a lot of people who don’t have a parking space and are willing to rent it.

7. Raid your provident funds.

They are also known as IRA or retirement savings, but do this only if you are extremely desperate as once withdrawn they cannot be replaced.

6. Visit a pawnshop

Pawnshops give you loans in return for some valuable object that you place in their custody, You can get your belongings back when you have paid your loan with interest.

5. Work as a Tour Guide

If you local area is a tourist attraction and you are good at history then this can be an interesting summer job, in fact it can also be a full time career job. But you need to have some soft skills for this one.

4. Become an artist.

If you have a talent then it’s worth nurturing and developing it. It can be anything from painting to pot making, from sports to music, find what you are good at and capitalize on it.

3. Sell your ideas

At first you may not realize its potential but there are a lot of companies willingly to pay you for your ideas if you can draw them in a detailed and profit making manner.

2. Sell your handicrafts

Handmade crafts which can be identified with particular cultures have a huge customer base around the world and they also pay top dollar for quality and originality.