Old Fashioned Marketing Promotions Still Work

In these fast paced internet driven times, marketing your product can seem confusing. Facebook? Twitter? Websites? Advertising? Blogging? We all want to know which form of marketing will really get the market’s attention. The key to this question is to remember that branding is vital. A successful business model relies on successful branding and getting your name out there. A lot. And that means old fashioned marketing promotions still work.

So how do you get your brand name out there? Of course, there is a place for social networking in brand awareness. However, people don’t live in a virtual world. They live in a real world, with real office equipment and real items that they interact with every day. Your market is made up of those real people who all have real friends – not just ‘fans’ or ‘likes’ or ticks in boxes.

That means your brand name can still make a huge impact out in the real world – on the everyday items that your clients and their friends, colleagues and acquaintances use all the time. Take pens and coffee mugs for example. Those are two items that we all use every day. Everyone’s always looking for a pen. Make sure your branded ones are out there. And make sure they look good and work well. I am a stationery fanatic and pens to me are like trinkets to a magpie. No matter where I am, I notice the pen on the table and I read the branded marketing that is inevitably on the pen. And every now and again, I pop that pen into my handbag. I’m sure the marketer doesn’t mind one bit.

It’s the same with promotional coffee mugs. We all drink coffee – or we drink tea or hot chocolate from coffee mugs. Have you ever tried looking for a clean coffee mug in an office? Impossible, I know. Your branded coffee mugs will be used, held, hugged and remembered. It’s as simple as that. An advertisement or a tweet or a blog message is here today and forgotten tomorrow, but something as physically present as a coffee mug is around for years – just like you want to be.

These days, coffee mugs aren’t just the ceramic cylinders sitting on desks and kitchen benches either. You can have your brand on a huge variety of promotional coffee mugs. Thermal mugs keep the coffee warm and they keep your brand even warmer. What about travel mugs? Now there’s a great way to spread your brand name far and wide.